Altair ProductDesign routinely introduces predictive and intelligent simulation technology to develop sustainable and innovative products for the world’s leading FMCG brand owners and manufacturers.

Rigid Plastic Bottles:
Manufacturing simulation capability includes both extrusion and stretch blow moulding. The pack is then assessed for usage (e.g. top and drop loads). Optimization can be used to light weight the pack

Metallic Packaging, Beverage & Food Cans:
Manufacturing simulation capability includes complex multi stage forming processes (e.g. Can forming body maker). The pack is then assessed for usage (e.g. top & drop loads). Optimization technology can be used to light weight the pack

Closures & Caps:
Assessment of the seal integrity of closures is achieved using highly refined simulation models which capture the sealing system (i.e. threads, micro seals etc). Complex mechanisms found in spray deodorant caps have been optimized

Secondary & Tertiary Packaging:
For secondary packaging (i.e. plastic crates), top load performance has been assessed. Tertiary packaging (e.g. layer cards, pallet wrap) has been included in complete packaging systems to assess road transportation performance

FMCG Niche & Growth Markets:
Rapid exploration of packaging concepts (e.g. biodegradable materials, flexibles using novel reinforcements).

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

Simulation Technology Helps Product Packaging Become More Sustainable

Just the words “packaged goods” generate troublesome images for many who are concerned about the environment. The concept of “packaging” suggests plastics and foams, metal and cardboard, which may be significant contributors to a community’s solid-waste burden. Learn more >>


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